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Used vehicle dealer from Montreal-Nord to Quebec.

Our vision of the automotive world
You are unique, each person is unique and this is also the case for any used vehicle, even if they all look the same when they left the factory, the life they led after their birth will determine their quality and their longevity. We choose pearls, vehicles that have been loved and appreciated and will be happy to be adopted by a new owner. We have a variety of vehicles, but we want your choice to match your vision for your next car.

Whether you are looking for an exclusive, a rarity, a legend or simply the most reliable means of transport, we have what you need, or we will find it for you.

Our passionate team can inform you about the characteristics, durability, maintenance costs and all aspects of your next purchase.

Our commitments to customers :
We inspect each car thoroughly, and we take the time to understand your needs to offer you the right vehicle, we can also find it for you, our purchasing network extends throughout Canada and the United States.

Our expertise in the automotive sector will provide you with a safe and hassle-free shopping experience. We choose your next car with the same reasons you chose us.

Our added services :
On the purchase of any used vehicle, we offer you all of our discounts from our distributors and suppliers, so you can take advantage of the great savings on maintenance, parts and accessories for your car.

– Tires at wholesale price
– Aluminum mags and metal rims
– Vehicle processing, polishing and accessories
– Reference network of coachbuilders and mechanics
– Spare parts at garage price

For any questions or information, do not hesitate to contact us via our online form.

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